I. Certification and Auditor-Expert Appointment Upper Board:

Product / Service certification activities, neutrality, independence and transparency so as to ensure the policy is the decision making body appointed by HANA HANA FOUNDATION FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES, to serve the site.

Board members:
1. Mehmet Vehbi Nese
2. Muhammet Asım Usluoğulları
3. Experts in the branches required according to the content of the audit and certification-gereken The experts in the ‘Auditor-Expert pool belgel are appointed by the board.

 Duties of the Board;

1. Management System documentation preparation-implementation-revision.
2. Assessing, approving and assigning the competence of the Auditor-Specialist and personnel to be assigned in the certification activities.
3. ‘Halal-Haram Guide’ ‘and’ ‘inspection and certification procedure’ within the framework of the examination of the certification application, acceptance / Red responsible for the administration of the certification decision and is installed at the top.
4. to do in case of differences in the application process and is the top organ authorized to matters concerning practices for certification binding decisions by evaluating the request of certification unit and take principle decisions on the implementation of the decisions taken.

II. Providing impartiality-objection-complaint-dispute and science board:
HAN FOUNDATION of the halal certification activities in order to provide the principle of impartiality, independence and transparency in the field, Halal certification services, at least two members of the people who have knowledge and experience in the organization of Religious Affairs and Religious Education institutions that have served in the academic institutions-made experts, other members It is a board consisting of a sufficient number of members appointed by the Food-Agriculture-Veterinary-Chemical Engineer, technician and technician.

Board Members:
1. Prf.Mehmet Soysaldi (Theology)
2. Prf.Halil İbrahim Çerçil (Veterinary)
4. The experts required are determined by the Certification and Supervisory Supervisory Supreme Board.

Duties of the Board;
1. Providing impartiality in applications, Appeals on certification – Complaint – Settlement of disputes, Decision making in Islamic and Scientific matters.
2. In the framework of the relevant procedures and application guidelines, and other boards with regard to the application of the units fall into hesitation and certification application, submitted that assessment and analysis reports, evaluates and decides appeals and complaints.
3. The President of Religious Affairs may decide by taking the ’Religious Affairs High Council üme from the High Council of Religious Affairs if necessary.

III. Halal auditor-technical supervisor and experts board:
Certification and accredited by the Supreme Council by assigning experts ‘Auditor-expert pool’ registration was made İlahiyatçı- Mühendisil consisting of a Technician and Technician, HAN FOUNDATION officials who control according to the audit and certification procedures.

 Our Audit Team:
 1. Ibrahim Demirel (Theology)
 2. Vildan Karakaya (Theology)
 3. Cahit Demirbağ (Theology)
 4. Mehmet Gün (Theology)
 5. Mehmet Ateş (Theology)
 6. Akif Aydın (Theology)
 7. Ahmet Kızmaz (Veterinary)
 8. Murat Parlakdemir (Veterinary)
 9. Taha Gürsoy (Veterinary)
 10. Halil Güven (Food Engineering)
 11. Fevziye Erdem (Food Eng.)
 12. Bilal Demirbağ (Chemical Engineering)
 is appointed by the Upper Board in line with the needs.