Whether the corporation-enterprise and companies, production methods, raw materials, personnel and products are worthy of HALAL CERTIFICATION;

    Compliance with Islamic principles according to the SMIIC HALAL STANDARDS set by the Islamic Conference organization
    In order to determine compliance with food safety rules, the rules of control-approval-identification and traceability of ISO: 22000 standard with international validity,
    Medical requirements (health, hygienic, nutrition, diet etc.)
    The necessary inspections according to the Halal legislation and other standards of the countries where importation and exportation will be made;

AUDIT DELEGATION (– Food Engineer – Veteriner iyat Agricultural Engineer –)
required laboratory,
testing and analysis,
By Accredited Laboratories
made; required reports are prepared. By CERTIFICATION BOARD; After reviewing all reports and documents; HAN FOUNDATION HALAL CERTIFICATE is decided to be given (or not).