D. YEAR AND YEAR: 12.09.1955
EDUCATION: 1973 Elazığ İ.H.O and Elazığ High School 1974 -1979 Hacettepe University Business Administration Department (1 + 4year)
FOREIGN LANGUAGE: English – Arabic


1. He was the Auditor of the Directorate of Religious Affairs in Ankara and Istanbul between 1974-1979.

2. Certified Public Accountant in Elazığ between 1983-1984.

In line with the instructions of the late Turgut Ozal, he resigned from his position and established the Elazığ Provincial Organization of the ANAVATAN PARTY.

3. Between 1984 and 1988, the Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade was the establishment of the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters’ Association, the organization and general secretariat of the region.

In this period, he carried out the following tasks;

    The Association of Live Animal Exporters, Grain-Pulses Exporters Union, Dry Fruit-Nuts Exporters Union, Textile and Apparel Exporters Union, organized its foundation.
    Opening of Elazığ-Malatya-Urfa-Maraş-Habur Branches,
    Export Promotion Center (İGEME) Board Member
    Foreign trade legislation preparation technical working commission membership,
    Organization of fairs in the Middle East Countries
    Customs tariff Statistics positions technical working commission membership.
    Membership of COMCEC Technical Committee.

4. In 1988, Dilek Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. (Apex Career), we have started to work on Project-Feasibility-Consultancy arak Application and Supervision. He has served hundreds of public and private organizations in the following areas.

Management Consulting: Strategic planning, corporate resource planning, institutionalization, change management, benchmarking, restructuring and organization, investment planning, establishment of corporate culture, corporate performance evaluation and efficiency applications, business development, project management, etc. issues.

Marketing management: Marketing strategies, market research, marketing planning, sales management, corporate image, public relations, distribution channels, pricing policies, confidential customer audits, franchising systems

Investment and production management: Investment feasibility and projects, site selection, capacity determination, technology selection, production planning, efficiency, improvement, settlement planning, planned maintenance, material and stock management, kanban system, process management v.s

International quality standards: international ISO 9000-1400-18000-22000-16949-QS 900045012-17024 quality management systems, documentation, internal and external inspection, process improvement, CE certification, Halal food,

Human Resources Management: Staff performance evaluation, career planning, business and personal development. personal performance evaluation, workforce planning, personnel selection and placement, occupational health and safety, training management, motivation, teamwork, time management, business building, business idea development and feasibility research, etc.

Foreign Trade: International forms of payment, export-import legislation and procedures and government subsidies.

Intellectual-Industrial Property Rights: Trademark-Patent ve Industrial Design-Copyrights.

5. Between 2001 and 2002, he worked as Assistant General Manager (Financial-Administrative) at ISFALT A.Ş, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

6. In 2005, KONFİRM established the international testing and certification company. From this year onwards; ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 OHSAS-18001 ISO 45012-17024 to be made in the standard of certification audit Head Crank (Auditor) as he served as IMPARTIAL Supervisory audit team presidency with German GÜDE-ZERT of certification bodies represented in Turkey and in import and export activities with the Chief Tetikçilig of.

7. In 2012, she established TEPE AKADEMİ to give training on ği Workplace Safety and Workplace Medicine ’by obtaining authorization from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

8. By obtaining authorization from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2013; DİLEK founded O.S.G.B COMMON HEALTH SECURITY UNIT.

9. In 2014, he founded the Hafez Abdullah Foundation Foundation. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, he made the following activities:

    In order to be able to be HALAL CERTIFICATION and accredited as a foundation, certification system has been established as a result of one year study and certification activities have been started in accordance with SMIIC 1-2-3 standards signed by 80 Islamic Countries.
    The construction of the Boarding School of Hafizlik Kurşan was completed with our Governor Muammer Erol and Mufti at Elazığ. Currently 60 of the İ.H.O students live in boarding schools.
    30 HAT works of which designs belong to Hafız Abdullah Nülülı were reprinted to the master calligraphers. When these lines are completed sun in catalog sever ‘work will be presented to the taste of art lovers.
    Hafiz Abdullah Nülülı started the team work with Ottoman Turkish experts to publish 99 works written as Ottoman handwritten in Ottoman Turkish.

The first of these works is Divan-ı Nazlı poetry book Ottoman Turkish – in Turkish was distributed to 200 Public Library.

    Translation of My Works / Memoirs / Müessir prayers