Since unreliable foods cannot be considered as ve Halal ‘,, Halal Production-Service Management System’ should be established and operated in order to ensure the reliability of the food and to monitor the production processes in order to prove the claims.

Production of many products, method, storage, human health effects, etc. HALAL and HARAM can only be determined as a result of scientific examination, test and analysis.

Product-Service or Management systems HAN FOUNDATIONHelal / Haram Guide rahat and Müslüman Müslüman Audit and Certification Procedure gesi after inspection sonr sonr Halal Certificate ”’ With the peace of mind of Muslim consumers with the content of the document is intended to be consumed with peace of mind.

HAN FOUNDATION Thanks to the maz Halal Certification System dair, producers are able to prevent any confusion and disagreement about whether the product they produce is, HALAL leri or, HALAL leri.