Food and other products given below; Certification is carried out according to OIC / SMIIC 1 standard. According to your request Halal product inspection and certification procedure According to the above-mentioned inspection-analysis and determination of the report after the construction of the document specified in the above-mentioned articles of the document specified in the content specified in the HALAL PRODUCT CERTIFICATE is given. Periodic surveillance is audited at least once a year.

    Soft drinks (carbonated, fruit drinks, energy-giving beverages, tea, coffee, herbal drinks, concentrated products, bottled waters),
    Spices and condiments,
    Honey and by-products
    Fish and fish products (processed and unprocessed sea animals and other seafood)
    Tea and tea products,
    Diet additives
    Other foods; (prepared soups, paste, ketchup, spices, condiment, pizza, canned food, frozen vegetables, food support products, food made in houses, fiber products)
    Genetically modified Foods and food additives (sweeteners, colorants, strengthening substances, vitamins, nutritious feed and additives, oils, sauce, condiment)
    Food service and presentation facilities
    Animal and vegetable oils,
    Ready-to-eat meals (meat-containing, non-food, substitutes)
    Drugs, diabetic, health and hygienic products.
    Processed and unprocessed red, white meat and products,
    Coffee and coffee products,
    Cocoa and cocoa products,
    Personal care products (lotion, cream, cosmetics, baby products, Personal hygiene and bath products, Eye care and make-up products, Make-up and make-up cleaning products, Odorants and antiperspirants, Shaving products, Skin-care products, Depilation products, Nail products products, Oral care products, Hair care and cleaning products, Hair colorant products, Sun products,
    Starch, flour and products (pastry and bakery products, pastas, crispy crackers, biscuits)
    Special dietary foods, Baby foods,
    Packing material
    Vegetable, fruit and products (natural and dried fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, agricultural products, grain-based milled products.)
    Milk and dairy products (pasteurized products, ice cream, etc.)
    Grain and grain products
    Oily seeds,
    Eggs and Egg Products